Every Woman Should Own Pearl Jewelry

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Published: 07th November 2012
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Pearl, is the beautiful gift that nature gives to us, its mellow and full shape with glittering luster give people a sense of elegance and noble, brings people a kind of peaceful breath. Wearing pearl necklace can completely express the most elegant side of women. No wonder the French fashion master solemnly remind those who hope forever well decent women in her book named Elegance: “the most ideal necklace, the most suitable jewelry for matching clothes, and the indispensable accessories in every woman’s wardrobe is a string of pearl necklace. Every woman should have a bunch of pearl necklace. “Perhaps this saying seems to be too absolute, but it is not difficult to see that it is undebatable to give her the title “the queen of jewelry”

The word “pearl” developed from the Latin word “pernulo”, and it has another name “margarite” which is derived from the ancient Persian language, means “son of the sea”. In the early ancient times, when primitive man was looking for food by the sea, they found this gorgeous thing with round shape and pure luster and attracted by its glittering and translucent quality. And from that time pearl had become the popular decorations, and it becomes the first choice of jewelry for the elegant and intellectual woman.

Pearl is not only loved by the royal, but also liked by the modern celebrity, what ‘more, it becomes the collection of the government power and billionaires.

The “Iron lady,“-former British Prime Minister Margaret Hilda Thatcher love to wearing peal necklace so much, she believes that pearl is the necessity of elegant and decent ladies. Once she said: “I often wear pearl jewelry, because it can make skin more fair and smooth.” She said: “ when you carefully observe those neatly beautiful woman, you will find the importance of the jewelry. When you put on a bland dress or coat matching with pearl jewelry, you will become distinguished and charming at once.” She is particular about wearing pearl jewelry. Sometimes she met with distinguished foreign visitors in the morning, and she would wear a beautiful pearl necklace, when she met with other foreign visitors in the afternoon she would wear a different pearl necklace, when she met her friends in the evening, she would wear another pearl necklace.

As is known to all, Diana is a charming British princess; pearl jewelry is her favorite. The first gift she got after she married the British royal family is a piece of pearl jewelry - pearl phoenix coronet and pearl coat.

Princess Diana has a unique taste to pearl. In the public places, she will never forget to wear pearl jewelry in order to reflect her noble and elegant quality. The princess Diana once said, “If the woman can only own a piece of jewelry, it must be pearl“.

In some famous European classical paintings, we often can see the sight of pearl necklace, and we can know that pearl is the symbol of the royal’s noble. Nowadays there are many kind of pearl jewelry for us choosing, no matter how jewelry designer design the pearl jewelry by adding various fashionable elements, fashion elements can not resist its inherent beauty of elegance.

Nowadays, pearl is no longer the royal’s exclusive jewelry, more and more women are attracted by its elegant quality, which let the modern women also began to praise the beauty of pearl and buy one or even more pearl jewelry. Classical short pearl necklace, casual long pearl necklace, luxurious two in one pearl necklace, and mixed color pearl necklace all kinds of design just in order to meet the desire of modern women for pearl. Perhaps, the acme of female charm is aroused by pearls.


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